Why Use Pex Tubing For Your Plumbing

If you’re looking for some materials to restock your plumbing kit, then you may want to look into pex tubing for your next gig, or to keep around the house for whatever repairs you might need to get done. If you’re wondering why you’d want to seek this tubing out to keep on hand, here’s what you need to know about pex:

1. It’s More Flexible Than PVC

PVC is relatively flexible in comparison to other types of tubing, but it can become brittle and crack over time. Pex lasts a lot longer without cracking and is a lot more flexible than PVC without sacrificing sturdiness and durability.

2. It Won’t Dent

There’s nothing worse than spending fifty bucks on copper tubing only to have it bend and dent before you even get it into place. Pex is flexible and durable and most of all resilient, ensuring that you won’t have to deal with it being bent and twisted out of shape before you get a chance to put it to use.

3. It Won’t Corrode or Develop Pinholes

A big problem with metal tubing for plumbers In Markham is that it can corrode and develop tiny pinholes over time. This may not seem like a big deal at first, because how much water do you really lose through a tiny pinhole? But when that leak leads to mold in your walls, it can become a bigger problem than spending an extra dollar or two on the water bill every month.

4. Fast Installation

Traditional tubing requires a whole load of various connectors to be attached before plumbers In Markham can put it in place. Pex can be wrapped and twisted around whatever you need to wrap and twist it around and put in place in far less time than other tubing materials.

Plumbers In Markham will tell you that there are instances where metal tubing might be preferable to pex. If you have tubing that needs to go outside, metal may stand up to the elements better than pex, and if you ever have frozen pipes, it’s easier to take a heating device to metal than to pex, but whenever pex works, pex really works, not as one choice, but frequently as the best