Water Heater Elements

Everyone knows the importance of a properly functioning water heater, especially as the mornings get colder. There is nothing worse on a cold winter morning than waking up to find that your home has no hot water. Here are some quick tips from your favorite Markham plumbers to make sure you never have to worry about that happening again.

The main piece of your home’s water heating system which can fail and cause this problem is the water heating element. These elements generally screw in through the side of the water heater’s tank and are heated by an electrical current, in turn keeping the water in the storage tank at the appropriate temperature until it is needed.

Electric heating elements come in a variety of sizes and styles to account for different usage demands. Obviously, too small of a unit will not provide sufficient hot water for your family’s needs, but bigger isn’t always better either. Having too large of a system will not only cost you more upfront, but can also lead to inefficiencies in your home which will cost you more in utility bills every month. Professional Markham plumbers have been trained in order to judge your family’s water usage and thereby install the proper size.

Failure of your water heater’s element(s) is one of the most common causes of that cold shower we’ve all unexpectedly experienced first thing in the morning. It’s the worst possible way to start your morning which is then made all the worse by the knowledge that you’re going to have to call a plumber and pay out even more money for that.

Fortunately, calling a Markham plumber to give your home water heating system an onceover before something fails is the best way to keep you from going through that experience again.