Timers Save You Money and Extend Your Water Heater’s Life

In many aspects of our lives we have integrated the use of timers in order to be more efficient and remove a variety of wasted energy. In houses around the world you will find timers and sensors controlling lights, sprinkler systems, water softeners and even HVAC systems through the use of programmable thermostats that keep the house comfortable when you’re there but allow the temperature to fluctuate more when the house in empty so as not to waste electricity, propane or natural gas. These devices range from simple manual timers which get plugged into the wall between the outlet and the appliance, all the way up to heavily computer controlled systems which must be installed and maintained by professional Markham plumbers or electricians. A prime example of the latter coming with the introduction of electric cars into the mass market; you can now find the rare instance of a timer only allowing the car to be charged after a certain time at night, once the electric rates drop during ‘non-peak’ hours.

However, amongst this plethora of timers there is one appliance that can be found in nearly every home and business across Canada which uses a substantial amount of energy and has been almost completely ignored by this efficiency trend. Ask any Markham plumber and they will tell you that if you have tank-style (also called storage style) water heater, a large percentage of the energy that it uses is being wasted on trying to keep the stored water hot during the long stretches when no one is using it.

In order to solve this issue, you have two basic choices. First, you can talk to your Markham plumber about replacing your current water heater with a newer, tank-less model. This will provide greater efficiency due to the fact that it does not store hot water but rather heats it as it flows through the pipe when a shower, spigot or other outlet is opened. However, while the greater efficiency and longer useful life allows these models to pay for themselves over time, they can also represent a fairly steep upfront cost, especially if your current system isn’t very old. The second option is to have a water heater timer system installed to control your current hot water system. While this combination cannot match the efficiency of a top of the line tank-less unit, it is many times cheaper and will still provide a significant improvement over the amount you’re currently spending on your utility bills. These timers work by only allowing your system to run during the times of day when you’re most likely to actually need hot water and allowing the temperature in the storage tank to deviate more when demand is going to be low such as while you are sleeping or at work.

Water heater timers are just one of a multitude of ways a certified Markham plumber can help your family or business save money on your monthly utility bills. Leave a comment here, give us a call use our online contact form to talk to one of our expert plumbers about how we can help you.