The Funny Business of Plumbing

We can only help but wonder where it all started. Plumbing had become a funny business in front of our very eyes, but we are clueless of how it all began. We have come to enjoy it though. Seeing our fellow plumbers’ slogans and business names; we cannot help but smile at such creativity and passion each one of us brings on to the table. We may be competitors as businesses, but we belong to the same industry, hence; we still share some traits, and one that we want to point out now is sense of humor.

Believe it or not; our sense of humor allows us to be more efficient in what we do. Our sense of humor takes the dirt out of our job. It makes working in the sink, bathroom and toilet a little less gross and ultimately enjoyable.

For whatever reason, terminologies we use on the job are called odd names. Some are not recommended to be spoken in front of a young audience, otherwise; some explaining may be required— explanations that only plumbers can do. Ballcock, mating, nipple and sweating the pipe may sound offensive but they are just a part of the rich terminology of the plumbing industry.

Seen the plumbing service vehicle that makes its driver look like he is sitting in a toilet bowl? Have you heard of slogans like; “We repair what your husband fixed”, “Got a leak, I’ll take a peek” and “Flushed with success since 1999”?  The funny truth in the first statement, the odd rhyme in the second and the seemingly ongoing act of flushing the toilet in the last make these slogans appeal to the crowd.

We can go on and on with a lot more other funny lines and stories about plumbing, but we won’t. The funny business of plumbing must end. Not that we want all these fun to conclude. What we are just trying to say is that at some point, playing around should stop and some serious work needs to be done. We know this is possible because that is exactly how we work. At Preferred Plumbing, you will meet the most amicable and funny plumbers you will ever get to work with, but as soon as they start working, the Einsteins (Trivia: He wants to be a plumber) in them come out.

Plumbing will always be a funny business for as long as the job is done and it is done right. Remember to hire plumbers who both take pride and delight at what they do. It matters in the satisfactory completion of a plumbing job.