Shower Doors

One of the most overlooked pieces of the average bathroom is the shower curtain or door. Shower curtains are still popular in many homes around the country but require constant cleaning or replacement to avoid mold and mildew buildup. This is just one of several reasons why any Markham plumber you ask will always recommend that you replace your old, mildewed curtain with a nice glass door.

Sticking with the cleaning angle to start, most shower doors will only require a quick spray and wipe down with standard glass or shower cleaner to remove any calcium or soap scum build up that might arise.

A well-chosen and maintained glass door will appear far more impressive to any guests who happen to see your bathroom than any curtain. Modern shower doors come in an abundant variety of sizes and designs nearly guaranteeing that you will be able to find the perfect one to compliment the rest of your design points. In addition to this, many showers do not have an overhead light mounted on the ceiling above them. This leaves many showers with curtains dark and gloomy whereas a door will allow more light into the room and allowing for a better experience.

If you ask your favorite Markham plumber for their opinion on the most important reason you should replace your shower curtain with a door, they’ll most likely tell you about the safety considerations. These considerations start out simple, water inevitably escapes the shower when you use a curtain and depending upon what sort of flooring you have can lead to the possibility of slip and fall injuries. On top of that, this water will also soak into your trim, flooring and walls over time eventually leading to mold and even rot. If allowed to go on long enough, you’ll end up needing a carpenter in addition to the Markham plumber in order to repair the damage.