We hold ourselves to a higher standard than the other plumbers in Markham, which allows us to assure you the best possible experience whenever you call us for any sort of problem. We’re here to help you, and unlike some companies, we mean it when we say it. If you call us, we’ll be happy to advise you over the phone as to whether your situation requires immediate attention or not. In addition to these free phone consultations, we also offer free onsite consultations and estimates for any job over $500.

Residential Services

At P.P.S. we offer a full service residential plumbing service that exceeds the standards and abilities of any of the other plumbers in Markham. In addition to standard installations, maintenance and repairs, we also specialize in upgrading existing water supply systems with the superior PEX tubing system.

The vast majority of homes that were built over 10 years ago were constructed with copper piping which was the standard among Markham plumbers and plumbers around the world for decades. However, over time copper and other metallic pipes are subject to corrosion caused by the exposure to the air and cyclical heating and cooling caused by the window flowing through them.  Years of this corrosion can eventually lead to failures of the pipe. Usually this failure starts as a thinning of the pipe walls eventually leading to a small pinhole in a hot water line and if caught early can be repaired by any Markham plumber, but they can also fail catastrophically without warning on occasion leading to hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home.

This is why we strongly recommend upgrading to PEX tubing. PEX is non-reactive under normal conditions and therefore will never thin or corrode. As a matter of fact, we have never seen nor heard of a single incidence of PEX leaking when properly installed by a professional.

Commercial Services

Along with our residential plumbing services, we also offer a full line of services from our staff of the best commercial plumbers in Markham. Our crew of top notch Markham plumbers have years of experience in every aspect of commercial plumbing from industrial drain cleaning to new construction and modification of existing plumbing systems to add features such as urinals, pressure assisted toilets and even full office kitchen installations. Anything you could ever need for your business, just give us a call and we can handle it with the utmost professionalism.

Emergency Services

We know that plumbing emergencies don’t follow your schedule, and that’s why we don’t either. When you have a plumbing emergency, you need to know you have someone on your side that you can count on, and we want to be that person. When you call us, one of our technicians will advise you honestly over the phone on whether your situation requires immediate attention or if it can wait until a normal appointment can be arraigned. If emergency service is required, we’ll rush one of our master Markham plumbers out any time of day to assure that your problem is resolved as quickly as possible.