Roof Drains

While it is exceedingly rare to see a home with a flat roof these days, it is a very common occurrence with stores and other commercial buildings. One of the major differences that must be constantly addressed in these situations is the potential for rain and snow to build up on the roof and cause problems as it eventually leaks into the occupied spaces. To prevent this, roof drains are installed at the time of construction by an experienced Markham plumber.

Years later, if a roof leak ever occurs, the owner’s first reaction is almost always to call a roofing contractor assuming their problem can be solved with a simple roof repair. However, many times the leaking roof can be a symptom of the problem and not the actual problem itself. If that is the case, then the leak will happen again and again as other parts of the roof fail under the pressure of continually backing up water.

These repeated leaks are frequently caused by a neglected roof drain that has become plugged with years of detritus from nearby trees, litter and other sources of material that can be washed into the holes. When a clogged roof drain is suspected, you need to call a Markham plumber before you bother calling a roofing contractor to repair the leaks. Industrial and commercial plumbers in Markham have the tools and experience needed to clear the drain and allow the water to flow freely away from the roof once again.

If your flat roof is several years old and you haven’t had a leak yet, consider yourself lucky and call your Markham plumber today. Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding clogs in the first place and much cheaper than roof repairs and especially replacements later on. Get your building on a regular schedule of cleaning with a certified commercial and industrial plumber, you won’t regret it later.