Preventing Clogged Toilets: Your Paper Choice Can Make a Difference

One of the things that we put very little thought into as Canadians is the effects our choice of toilet paper has on our toilets. Sure we spend plenty of time thinking about how they feel when we actually use them, the thickness, the softness the amount of lint they leave behind and everything else that Mr. Whipple told us was important. But unless you’re a professional Markham Plumber, the odds are that you never think about the paper again one you flush it.

The exception to that rule is when your toilet is clogged and you have to deal with either clearing it yourself or calling a Markham plumber to take care of the problem for you. Wouldn’t you rather take a simple step to greatly minimize the chances of a clog ever occurring?

Thankfully, it’s possible to do exactly that simply by choosing the toilet paper which has the best decomposition rate. This is the rate at which it breaks down once flushed and therefore directly corresponds to the likelihood of you ending up with a clogged toilet.

This is where the news gets even better though, we don’t even have to do any kind of testing or complicated calculations or anything to determine what the best toilet paper is for preventing clogged toilets, because the kind folks over at Consumer Reports have already done it for us.

Charmin Ultra Soft 2-ply, Canada’s favorite toilet paper, as judged by the amount sold every year was found to be a great toilet paper from every aspect of comfort, thickness, etc. except for one. Unfortunately, that one is the only one we care about; it took longer than average to break down and therefore was more likely to cause a clog than the best rated toilet paper.

If you’re guessing that the single ply, 100% recycled, PC Green paper was the best, you’d be wrong again; it was found to be both the most uncomfortable to use and took longer than other brand tested to decompose. It’s great for the environment, but not so great for your sensitive areas or your plumbing.

The brand with the highest scores in testing was Royale brand toilet paper which is made right here in Canada and also scored well in the comfort tests as well. However, it’s important to remember that these tests are performed in a lab and not the real world. Royale brand may be a good place to start, but if you continue to have problems with clogged toilets, as your Markham plumber what they would recommend or just buy different brands each time you go shopping until you finally find the one that works the best with you plumbing. It may not be a glamorous experiment, but it’s a lot more fun than an overflowing toilet full of sewage.