Preferred Plumbing Solutions: The Blog

The title pretty much says it all doesn’t it? This is the official blog of Preferred Plumbing solutions, the place where we intend to impart all of the wisdom of the plumbing world unto you, the reader. We hope that over the coming years we will be able to teach you many things about the world of plumbing, as well as have share some laughs and maybe shed a couple tears… well, ok, probably not tears.

Anyway, now we’d like to tell you a little bit about Preferred Plumbing Solutions and what we do. PPS was founded in 2007 by master plumber Raphie Konsker, to service Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area. Over these past five years, we have become both Red Seal Certified (allowing us to work anywhere in the country) and holders of an OWWA Backflow Prevention License, certifying us as Cross Control Connection Specialists.

At PPS, we consider ourselves experts in all areas of the plumbing business. Our crews are able to handle any potential problem that might arise within your residential or commercial plumbing system with availability with an appointment or on an emergency basis. In addition to repairs, we also offer new construction, renovation and upgrade services to both residential and commercial customers, working in all major pipe materials from copper and galvanized steel to PEX.

Now that we’ve covered the all the background information that you’ll ever need to know, we can move on to the purpose of this blog. This page, along with our website, will act as our conduit of information to you, the people. We’ll get the ball rolling off the start here with a variety of topics we find interesting over the next few weeks, but our hope is that you’ll interact with us through the comments section and let us know what you want to see on here. Ask us question and give us comments, our plumbers thrive on the feedback of the customers they see every day, and we don’t want this to be any different.