Plumbing and Construction of a New Home

All homes today have a lot of pipes in almost every corner of the house. Each of these tubes is placed in a way to provide water for facilitation, or to leave the dirty water.

Pipes Used

A PEX Pipe System for water lines and ABS pipe drain lines is used in many areas of the pipes, used during the housing construction. PEX is a plastic tube that is white, transparent, blue and red. For water filters, it can be seen in orange, green, black, yellow and gray. ABS drain lines is a tube made of plastic material, which is available in the black color.

Stages of Plumbing

The first stage of the plumbing of a house is to make a rough concept. This includes the work of earth in a space basement to crawl, drain or ventilate around the rest of the house, through the ventilation system in the attic. In addition, its also used for connecting the bathroom taps and showers to baths and showers.

If you are installing a pump, you will have to dig this into the soil. Make sure you hire a plumber from Preferred Plumbing Solutions, who will air test all water lines before putting the walls up. Also make sure to clean out the drainage system, which would go inside the walls and ceilings, and make sure to check those for the tight leaks. If necessary, you can always use a spanner to force open everything to clean, but if you do not use silicone, the possibility of a leakage will cause problems after everything is done, and the walls and ceilings have been built. All of this will surely cost a lot of money when it comes to repairing, which is why its better to check for leakages at the start of the installation.

The Test Requires That Water Drains

The next phase of the plumbing of a house is to finish plumbing. This is to fix the sinks, toilets and faucets when taking care of the finishing work of tubs and showers. At this stage, it is also necessary to install and connect the water heater. The water lines for hot and cold water should be made of three quarter inch long copper running to about three meters, before converting to PEX. Once all the installation is done, you will need to check the water pipe system by turning on the main line of water. Check for leaks around the bathroom tanks, and under the sink in the sewer lines and water lines. That’s all for plumbing in a house.