Exterior Sinks: Material Comparisons

Exterior kitchens have seen a huge bump in popularity over the past few years and one of the most important parts of any kitchen is the sink. Now, you’re clearly going to want to have it installed and properly plumbed by a certified Markham plumber and while they will be happy to help you with any questions you may have concerning all aspects of your outdoor kitchen, hopefully this will give you a starting point and get you headed in the right direction before you start any official work.

One of the biggest decisions you can make–and possibly allow yourself to save some money by shopping around–is deciding what kind of sink you want to use. There are many options in sink color and style that are going to depend on your personal preferences and design styles, but here are some general guidelines to consider when choosing the actual material that your sink will be made of.


Copper is an aesthetically beautiful choice for any sink–and due to its natural anti-bacterial properties, it can also be considered a very sanitary choice as well. However, copper sinks tend to also be very heavy and can be prohibitively expensive for some homeowners. Also, with copper scrap prices at an all-time high, risk of theft is also a concern that must be considered.

Stainless Steel

Like copper, stainless steel could be considered a classic option when designing your outdoor kitchen. These sinks look beautiful and will remain that way forever as they are non-reactive–meaning they will not corrode and are also very strong, leading to good scratch resistance.

Plastic Materials

Probably the best choice if your sink will be in a high traffic area and subject to a lot of abuse from the kids. While it is probably the cheapest option available, it is also the least long lasting. Plastic sinks can become weak over time with exposure to the sun and elements, leading to eventual cracking and discoloring, but as they are cheap and very common, they can also be quickly and easily replaced by your local Markham plumber.

Porcelain or Enameled Cast Iron

Another classic option that has been around for decades, these sinks are made from cast iron and then covered in either porcelain or enamel coating in order to add color and to protect it from corrosion. While the cast iron is quite durable and unlikely to crack, the coating can become scratched or chipped with repeated abuse.

Those are going to be your best options when choosing the right sink for your outdoor kitchen. Read through the pros and cons of each, do a little research into the style and price ranges of each, and then call a certified Markham plumber to finalize the plans that will end with the outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.