Citizen Science (Trust Us; This Does Tie into Plumbing… Promise!)

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, Facebook or even just reading our website for any length of time; you’ve undoubtedly noticed that at Preferred Plumbing we have a deep respect and passion for nature. This passion stems from multiple sources, but a large portion of it comes from the knowledge we have gained over our years as Markham plumbers. Our chosen profession has put us on the frontline in the battle over both water pollution and waste. However, thanks to advances in technology provided largely through the internet, Markham plumbers are no longer alone in this battle.

Recently, there has been a fast growing trend toward ‘citizen journalism’ as an alternative to more traditional news sources. This has not only provided a wide variety of viewpoints on any given story which might not otherwise have been heard, but has also provided several instances where citizen journalists have broken important stories well before any of the mainstream sources had the chance.

So, how does this relate back to the world of Markham plumbers? Well, a natural extension of the ‘citizen journalism’ movement has been the ‘citizen science’ movement which brings us back to our love of the environment and how it can be effected by the plumbing work we do.

Now, how does this affect you and how what can you do to help?

Recently, we came across this (Please insert this link: great article discussing this exact topic and the struggles that citizen scientists often experience in their efforts to be taken seriously. Thankfully, the struggles suffered by those who led the way in the citizen scientist field have been quite successful in paving the way. This has made it much easier for those of you who decide to get involved to do so through established methods, groups and services.

Want to help the environment but don’t feel up to the ‘citizen scientist’ level? Get in touch with Preferred Plumbing, our team of Markham plumbers are experienced and capable of making your home more efficient. Every small step you take can add up to a big difference in end, and a small investment now can not only help the environment but also save you money on your monthly bills.