Why Choose Pex Plumbing

Most of the problems that customers of all sorts – residential, commercial, and industrial – experience with their plumbing result from the fact that the piping is old.  Copper used to be used widely since that was the most reliable option at the time.  Today, though, pex piping is widely used as the preferred option.

Pex piping has several advantages over traditional copper piping, not the least of which is that the water that flows through it does not pick up materials along the way.  Copper piping erodes over time, and particles from the eroding material are easily picked up by water, which, in turn, comes through your faucet.  While one glass of water that has traces of copper in it is unlikely to do much harm, the accumulated effect of this can cause illness in those who consume it.

Not only can the eroded copper lead to health problems, but it can also lead to leaks.  When enough copper gets eroded in a particular part of the pipe, that means that water will drip – or pour – out of that area.  Changing your piping before this happens can save you a lot of damage to your home.

Also important is that pex piping allows for improved water flow.  What this means for you is that you get better water pressure.  The reason for this is that whereas traditional copper piping has several elbow joints, pex piping is more flexible.  That means that there is far less need for these joints, which dramatically slow the flow of water.

If you are ready to explore the possibility of having your copper pipes replaced with a pex piping system, give us a call today.  Feel free to ask whatever questions you may have about the material and how we can replace your current piping with this favorable option.