Why Choose Pex Plumbing

Most of the problems that customers of all sorts – residential, commercial, and industrial – experience with their plumbing result from the fact that the piping is old.  Copper used to be used widely since that was the most reliable option at the time.  Today, though, pex piping is widely used as the preferred option. Pex piping has several advantages over...

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Economic Plumbing At Home

We've all had the experience of a clogged kitchen or bathroom pipe and have gone from obstruction caused due to it, at some point in our lives. Because of this, we had to call a plumber who sometimes has gained a considerable amount of money to fix something that we might can simply fix ourselves if we want. Therefore, we...

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How To Protect Plumbing in Freezing Temperatures

When water freezes, it expands. So it is extremely important to protect the plumbing at very low temperatures to avoid broken pipes. Pipes in basements, garages, garden sheds and other unheated areas can lead to damage and repair expenses. Follow these useful tips to prevent the risk of freezing pipes. 1. Measure the diameter of any pipe that is at the risk of freezing....

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Why Hire a Professional Plumber?

Your building’s commercial or domestic plumbing and maintenance is essential to keep your systems running in good condition for a long time. When choosing a plumbing business professional, there are a number of important aspects to consider, such as the rapid response, the individual approach, high quality work, estimating the right time, a commitment to long-term maintenance, the company's reputation,...

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Your crew was amazing, the service was on time, courteous and completely professional. Thanks and I will be recommending you in the future.

David and Zen Amoils, Thornhill Ont.

I just want to tell you that since we have lived in this house we have dealt with MANY contractors....you are by far the cleanest contractor I have ever seen. Its great to not have to clean up after the job. :)

Faye Davis, Thornhill Ont.